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If you want to know – what is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is a “Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins that helps you convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients!” as theyFull Review - ThriveThemes
said on the sales page.  Here is what I think of the Thrive Themes, they have an assortment of neat WordPress plugins that are continually updated and new plugins produced. Thrive Themes is what I use for this blog; it’s easy to use WordPress plugins that can help you make your blog look stunning as well help you capture visitors into becoming your subscribers. It may sound like a sale copy for ThriveThemes, but the truth is that I really mean it because I have used it and I am satisfied with it.

When I bought Thrive Themes, I bought their ContentBuilder, which included – Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Light Box, and Thrive LandingPages.

A month later I decided that I needed the membership that included all the plugins which are the following; image that I captured from my WordPress.

Full Review - ThriveThemes Plugsin Review



ThriveThemes: they have a selection of conversion focused themes. You can easily find the perfect one to suit your website & business blog. As of this writing, there are Ten WordPress themes, responsive themes that are designed to be as professional and loads fast. Below are Ten themes that ThriveTheme includes with your membership, I have installed them all in all are very nice and easy to customize. See the captured  Preview picture below  of the Themes that you get from ThriveThemes from my admin area of my WordPress:

ThriveTheme Review Blog Themes Styles

What is great about ThriveThemes WordPress Themes is that they are fully customizable to your liking, you can use the theme editors, and you can edit everything as you can see below:

Thrive Theme Review Blog Setup

All the themes that Thrive Themes makes as you seen above, all have features that you can easily edit almost all aspect of the theme, as you can see from the picture above here is the a list of features you can modify when using the Thrive Theme themes…

  • General Settings
  • Style & Layout Settings
  • Blog Settings
  • Analytic/Scripts
  • Performance
  • Comments
  • Social Media
  • 404 Page
  • Related Posts
  • Apprentice



ThriveLeads: Lets you create nice looking opt-in pages. You can create many kinds of feature rich opt-in landing pages that load in all sorts of ways, from slide-ins, in contents, footer, and header opt-in to ribbon opt-ins and much more. ThriveLeads has so many options for opt-in pages that I know you will like them all, which kind to use on your blog will make it hard to choose because they are all good, but you can use few at a time if you wanted too, they work together perfectly.

Here are pictures I took to show you how simple it is to use the ThriveLeads:

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Lead Setup front

Step ONE:  Select ThriveLeads as circled in red in the image above:

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Lead Setup

Step TWO: Select the Lead Group and Click on the ADD as you see circled in red above to choose which template you like to use:

There are NINE template style in the ThriveLeads- They are the following:

  • Ribbon
  • Lightbox Widget
  • Post Footer
  • Slide in
  • In Content
  • Screen Filler Lightbox
  • PHP Insert
  • Scroll Mat

If you don’t know what each one look like you can click on the Play icon beside the templates, and you should get a video showing you how it looks like, ThriveTheme makes it easy for anyone to use their Themes and plugins with ease especially with all the tutorials they have on all their products.

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Lead Setup page 2

Step THREE: name it and  Select Thrive Leads Blue Icon to Edit, it’s circle in Red first icon in the image above:

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Lead Setup page 4

Step FOUR: select a template for the opt-in from above.

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Lead editor

Step FIVE: Start to Edit the Opt-in you have selected from Step FOUR with the Content Editor as you see above. I did the example above in less than a minute to show you how easy it’s to make opt-in for your blog; it takes minutes to do when you use the ThriveLeads plugin that is part of the ThrieveThemes Plugins.

The templates I have shown you above are a just sample of the templates you will find inside the ThriveLead designer suite. There are a lot more nice designs that you can use, and all of them are fully customizable to how you want them to look. You can design a nice looking opt-in page in few minutes; it’s simple if you can drag and drop and edit text you can easily create nice looking opt-in pages very quickly and with ease, you don’t need any experience even a total newbie can create the best looking opt-in pages in minutes.

Thrive LandingPages

Thrive LandingPages: You can create a nice conversion optimized landing pages. You can fully customize the sales pages, lead-generation pages, landing pages and more, you can select a template and edit it to the way you like it and publish it. It takes minutes to have a nice designed landing pages with the Thrive Landing Pages. You can edit and publish all the landing pages you make to your host and have it live instantly. You can Add landing pages from the “PAGES” of the WordPress by selecting the ContentBuilder Editor to edit the Landing Page as showing below:

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Landing Pages Setup 1

Step ONE: Add a Page from WordPress Left Side Bar on the PAGES Tab, then name it and save it, then select “Edit with Thrive ContentBuilder” as you see circled in red in the picture above.

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Landing Pages Setup Templates

Step TWO: You have a selection of templates you can use from the right side where the yellow highlight as pictured in the image above that is circled in red. After you select a template for your landing page then click on the green “Load Landing Page” button on the bottom, it should take you to the ContentBuilder editor to edit your template as pictured below.

There over 120 premade templates you can use, here is the list that is highlighted in the image above in yellow and circled in red:

  • lead generation
  • 2-step
  • homepage
  • 1-step
  • coming soon
  • download
  • confirmation page
  • product launch
  • video
  • sales page
  • podcast
  • webinar
  • review
  • course content
  • personal branding
  • Downloaded templates
  • Imported templates

Thrive Theme Review - Thrive Landing Pages Editor with Content Builder

Step THREE: You can edit the premade Landing Page template to the way you like it. As you can see above, I have selected the premade template and have added a logo,  an image, a new background image, change button color and add text to buttons and also added Text to the Content of the landing page. If you are wondering how long this took me it took me less than 2 minutes to do, this was only an example for you to see you how easy it is to create landing pages from PAGES in the WordPress with the Thrive ContentBuilder and Landing Pages creator templates.

What is great about the Thrive Landing Page Creator and ContentBuilder is that you can drag and drop contents, icons, text, images, etc. from the Right Side Bar that which circled in red.  Also, you can drag and move things within the landing page itself. You can add anything you want to your landing page, as well remove anything instantly if you can drag and drop Thrive Landing Pages and ContentBuilder makes it easy for you to move any element to the top, middle or bottom of your landing pages without much effort on your part, It’s simple to use.

Thrive ContentBuilder

Thrive ContentBuilder is an intuitive front-end visual editor for WordPress. It makes editing simple and what you see is what you get. It’s way-way better than the WordPress content editor; this editor lets you add all assortments of contents into your post with ease.

After you Click on the Edit with Thrive ContentBuilder button that is circled in red -whether on the WordPress editor post itself such as picture below:

Thrive Theme Review Content Builder

or on the page of the post when you are logged in as in Admin circle in red as pictured below:

Thrive Theme Review Content Builder Top

You will be taken to an editor that looks like the one below where you can easily make nice looking pages, by dragging from the right side menu to the page. As you can see the credit card icons, the five stars, add Image, Add to Cart, bullet points, you can quickly drag and edit, the best part of this Content Builder editor is what you see is what get as pictured below:

Thrive Theme Review Content Builder Preview Editor

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer: This Plugin just came out in March 2016, which is really cool you can have as many headlines for your post and then see which one performs the best and select it as a winner and use the headline. Also, this plug is a set and forgets you can have the plugin do all the work for you. You can let it select the winner headline and toss the loser headlines handsfree.

You can access the Thrive Headline Optimizer headlines from the  WordPress editor where is I circled in red you will see them there once you have set them up in the setup page of the Headline Optimizer setup page.ThriveTheme Review Thrive Headline Optimizer

The Images below shows you where you can access the Thrive Headline Optimizer. Once you click on the icon below it will take you to the Headline Setup Page:

Thrive Theme Review Thrive Headline Optimizer Pic 2

This is the Headline Optimizer Setup Page where you can add your Headlines for the blog post to test.  To Start You just Click the ADD NEW button to add a headline and start to test them one against the other and you can have the Headline Optimizer select the best headline and set it up as a winner, or you can do it manually. It’s your choice.

Thrive Theme Review Thrive Headline Optimizer Setup

Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets: are plugins that you can add to your blog from the plugins area of WordPress
by just drag to the side navigation of your blog where the menu goes.

ThriveTheme Review Clever Widgets

  •  Thrive Author Widget: Short introduction of the blog author/owner.
  • Thrive Call-To-Action Widget: Attention grabbing message with a linked button.
  • Thrive Custom Phone: Click-to-Call phone number with a call to action text line.
  • Thrive Customer Text Widget: Custom text with styled widget border
  • Thrive Follow Me Widget: Invite visitors to follow you on social media.
  • ThriveLeads Widget: Simple widget to control the placement of thrive leads forms in the widget areas.
  • Thrive Opt-in Widget: lets you add opt-in box to for subscribers to join your newsletter/mailing list.
  • Thrive Posts Widget: Add a styled list of recent, popular or related posts.
  • Thrive Tabs Widget: add up to 3 tabs with lists of posts or pages.

Other Features

Below are features that the Thrive Themes have that you can add to your blog post in WordPress by easily selecting the Icons, you can have these features added to your blog posts quickly and with ease, or you can use the ContentBuilder, which is a drag and drop.

ThriveThemes Review Other Features

  1. Nine – Text and Layout Features
  2. Eight – Conversion Features
  3. Three – Numbers and Data Features
  4. Three – Lists Features
  5. Three – Content Reveal Features
  6. Ten – Other Misc Features

The best part about Thrive Themes is that they are alway updating their plugins with brand new features

What is it Does

Thrive Themes membership includes all the tools you need to run a blog from blogging to creating stunning landing pages in minutes to start getting subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, you can test the headline on your blog to see which one performance the best, the plugin is new it’s called Headline Optimizer. So a complete package for all your blogging needs.

What is Included

ThriveTheme membership is a yearly membership that includes everything they have and also anything they will produce in the future. Let me run through what you will be getting in the All-In-One Online Business ToolBox as they call it.  ThriveThemes Membership includes the following

  1. Thrive Themes – Build high converting websites and blogs.
  2. ThriveLeads – Create nice looking Optin-forms that will help grow your list quicker.
  3. Thrive ContentBuilder – Create fantastic contents pages or blog posts, (what you see what you get) editor.
  4. Thrive Landing Page Publish Ready-Made landing pages into your WordPress blog or website.
  5. Thrive Headline Optimizer – Create Multiple Headlines and see which performs best and let the plugins select the best for you automatically or you can do it manually. You can set it and forget it.
  6. Thrive Clever Widgets – these are great plugins for your WordPress themes
  7.  If you are ready to grab your copy Click Here 

ThriveThemes Membership Details:

  • You see if you buy ThriveThemes membership you will save up to $700 compare to if you buy each of ThriveThemes plugins individually.
  • Also, when you purchase the membership, you will get to access and download all their future updates for all the plugins which include: Thrive Plugin, themes, updates and features and more.
  • Also, you get unlimited support, and they have the best forum that has tons of already answered questions.


My thoughts on ThriveThemes

I first used the Thrive ContentBuilder bundle plugins, and it was really AWESOME; Then I said what the Heck and I decided that I needed to get the whole membership which included everything. I did, and it was the best decision that I have made. The reason I ended up getting the membership is because it made easy for me to have all the plugins at my fingertip, instead of searching for plugins that have a lot of learning curve.

If you were to ask me, why you need ThriveThemes, here is my answer I have used a lot of WordPress themes, and also I have designed my own themes, there was a problem or two with what I have used and designed. So I decided you know what enough is enough and that I should get a whole WordPress themes and plugins. So I did and it’s the best decision that I have made, because I have been using all plugins that ThriveThemes provides, and they load quick, are made to perform and are made to make a blog look beautiful as will have features that will help me run my blog instead of the blog running me LOL. So I decided to go with the ThriveThemes, because they have a lot of complimentary plugins that are made to work with each other (together) All-in-One Complete Package that ThriveThemes provides.

I suggest you get the yearly membership bundle because you will have all the plugins, including the following:

  • Thrive Themes 10 Themes
  • ThriveLeads
  • Thrive ContentBuilder
  • Thrive Landing Page
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive Clever Widgets

Because if you buy the Content Builder by itself as I did you CAN NOT put the amount you spend on upgrading to the membership, you have to buy it again. So had I known that the membership is full of features that I needed in the first place. I would have got it to begin with; but hey what can a person do, that’s is why I am writing this review blog post to help you not to make the same mistake that I did.  I ended up paying almost twice for this service. So that is why I want you to get the membership in the first place because it will include all plugins from WordPress themes to advance plugins that will help you run your online business.


How I Rate ThriveThemes

I give ThriveThemes – TWO THUMBS UP for an awesome WordPress Themes and Plugins that works.

Why You Need It

If you are tired of all the headaches with all the WordPress themes and plugins and just want to start running a blog instead of a blog running you, I highly recommend Thrive Themes. If you ready to get it, you can Click Here to Grab Your Own Copy.



ThriveThemes – ThriveLeads

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive ContentBuilder

Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Widgets


Grab Your Copy – Click Here

P.S. If you are ready to get it, and stop all the headaches with all the other plugins that make it kind of difficult to work with then you can be like me and get your copy today. What you have to lose you have 30 days to try it and if you don’t like it ask for a refund. I know you will not just like it, but you will love it.  When you find out how much time it saves you.

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