How to Start Blogging the Correct Way – Tips for Bloggers!

It seems like a lot of people that start a blog get very excited when they see their blog is up and running online. The big issue with blogging is that the blog owner will work hard on it for few weeks or months then get stuck on what he or she will be writing on in their blogs. As you already know that we can have a blog up and running in an hour or less. So creating a blog is not hard especially with all the tutorials you find online.

How to Start Blogging the Correct Way – Tips for Bloggers!

Be Sure that when you create a blog that it is an interest of yours, in return this will help you never to get stuck on what to blog or write on. Your bHow to Start Blogging the Correct Way – Tips for Bloggers!log should be base on something you know really will. If it’s a passion of yours and it’s of value to your visitors, then it will be even easier. The reason is that it’s going to make it easier because you will know of contents that your visitors will like and also you will know what topics that interest your visitors and it will make it easy for you to write on the subjects that your visitors are going read.

Let me first start by showing what you need to have in a blog that will make it attractive to your visitors.

You Need to Have These for a Successful Blog:

1. You need to add contents of value

2. You need to add information and materials that will benefit your visitors

3. You need to add related contents to that contents you already have that will help and give value to your visitors, maybe a link to a related website that will feather the value of what you have already written, as will provide more value to your contents.

4.  Make sure you write for your visitors and not for the search engine, but make sure you use correct titles and keywords to help you get ranking for your topic or keyword, but make sure you write 100% for your visitors.

5. Make sure you when you start to write a blog post to make your topic related to what you are writing precisely.

6. Make fonts size bigger for your reader (size 16 or 18 should be good).

7. Add sub headlines and bold them, also italicized and underline them, this makes it easy for your visitors to read.

8. Make sure that you leave white space around your writing this will make your blog post easy to read.

9. You need to be consistent when writing on your blog, doing this will get your visitors to revisit your blog to see what you have written about.

10. Make sure what you write is original and not copied. First, this will make you an expert and second it’s excellent for your search engine ranking, Google, and other search engines don’t like duplicate contents, they love original materials, and they reward you for it by sending you visitors.

11. Make your contents in your blog interacts with your visitors, because if it does then, you got a happy visitors that will become your clients or subscriber as long you have a way to get them to become your clients or subscribers.

12. You will need an About Page and Contact Page, this can be about your company or yourself, some don’t like it, but it’s up to you it will make your visitors know more about you or your company as will your products and services.

13. Add all Legal pages, such as Privacy Policy, Term of Use (TOS), Disclaimers, etc. It’s crucial, you got to understand what to put on your Legal pages, Disclaimers and TOS, sometimes you may need to seek an advice of an Attorney or someone who knows internet laws.

14. Have Great titles for your blog posts.

15. Have a reliable hosting service provider. I use Hostgator, and it’s very reliable.

16. Make sure that your blog loads quickly.

17. Make sure that you have designed your blog layout with the visitors in mind, make it easy to navigate as well simple, without too much destruction. You can see this blog post on some  Tips for a Good Website Design and Website Design Ideas which discuss the process on how to create a layout for your blog or website.

18. Make sure that you add Social Buttons on your site so others can share your blog posts.

19. Make sure to have a Search box on your blog, so that your visitors can search your blog quickly.

20. Make sure your blog navigation is always on the right side of all your pages so that your visitors can navigate your blog with easily.

The Things NOT To Have On Your Blog:

1. Do not write a blog post that is a mix of all topics, because your reader will not read it as it confuse the reader and if it does then your user will end up not getting value out of it, and he or she will not read any other posts you write.

2. Do not add to many images in your blog post, adding few are enough unless you are trying to demonstrate something or show a step by step process that should be okay.

3. Do not write about everything, just write about what you know about, this will make it easier for you to keep your blog always have fresh contents that are likable by your visitors.

4. Do not make it hard for your users to navigate thru your blog.

5. Do not cater to everyone. You need to focus on your niche and what you know well as will as related topics that your niche or subject are seeking contents on.

Ways to Monetize Your Blog:

1. You can sell your products or services – It can be either digital or physical or both.

2. You can promote other people’s goods or services as an affiliate below are few companies you can use to start finding products or service to promote as an affiliate:

  • Clickbank
  • JVzoo
  • CJ
  • ShareASale
  • Linkshare and there are many more.

3. You can sell advertisement on your blog

4. You can start earning by using Google AdSense or Chitika, and they are many more these pay per click, so when someone clicks an ad from these advertisers you make money per click basis.

5. You can add an Advertising Widget. Using advertising widgets, you can select the products you want to promote such something that relates to the contents you write on.

6. You can review other people’s goods and services and earn an income on your blog.

7. You can have your visitors signup for your workshops or seminar through your blog.

8. Build your followers by using any means such as social media, emails, etc. via your blog.

You can sell anything you like as long it’s related to your niche, and that it will benefit your visitor that are looking for it.

If don’t have a blog setup as of yet, you can learn how to setup a new by reading this blog post:  The simplest way to start a blog step by step.

Remember having a blog is great, but having a blog that will help others is Awesome. So blog on things you like, not on things you don’t, because it’s the key to blog success and also make sure to be consistent and concise when you blog. Also, write original contents of value and not copy others word for word, make sure you write as you want to read because if you like what you write, then others will like it as well. Make sure what you when you write on your blog write contents this is of value and original, and it’s best of the best material you can produce. I hope that this blog post: How to Start Blogging the Correct Way – Tips for Bloggers! helped you understand blogging takes time and that you got to have the best contents on your blog for your users, having the best contents is the key to being successful with your blog.

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