Search Engine Marketing – SEO Off Page Techniques

Search Engine Marketing – Seo Off Page Techniques – You see to get your website ranked on the search engiSearch Engine Marketing - SEO Off Page Techniquesne you need to get other websites to link to yours and have your contents on other people’s websites as well on web 2.0 sites across the internet and have social media exposure of your site. If you don’t know what search engine marketing is, it is a way of getting your website rank in the organic listing of the SERP (SERP is: search engine results page) in the major search engines such as Google, Msn, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Getting your website to rank at the top of the major search engines for your keywords means that you can get visitors from search engine without paying money, it’s like free advertising for your site. It’s a great way to get visitors that are searching for your products or services without having to pay the search engine for visitors to come to your site. Unlike the PPC, which is pay per click where you pay to get visitors to your website. SEO which is stands for Search Engine Optimization it’s a way of marketing your website and attracting people that are searching for products and services that meet the search engine (search query) for their users search terms. If you can target those people when they are searching, they may click on search engine organic listing and visit your site.  The search engines will be happy to send them to you as long you can take care of them and provide them with excellent contents. Now that you got them to visit your site from the search engine, you got now to sell them on your products or services, it can be easy if they are already looking for it and interested in what you have to sell.

Search Engine Marketing – SEO Off Page Techniques

In this blog post, I will discuss with you the Off Page SEO techniques of Search Engine Optimization. As you already know, that SEO is the best targeted traffic you can get for your business. What is great about SEO is that you don’t need to pay money to get visitors to your website. The headache of SEO is that it takes time, and you got to know what you are doing when trying to rank your website in the organic SERP because if you do it wrong, it will not work and sometimes gets your website deindex or removed from the search engines altogether.

One Factor on how to start ranking your website on the Search Engine is:

Off Page – SEO

Off Page, SEO is a ranking factor that is not on your website. The Off page SEO are links from other websites that are commenting on your site, article submissions,blogging, social media posts, news or just links that point to your website from other external website with your domain name or keywords in them. Here are the off page factors that help your website rank on the search engines, these are the called “Off-Page SEO Factors:”

1. Video Websites

2. Social Bookmarking

3. Forum Posting

4. Blog Posting or Guest Blogging

5. Link Exchange (this does not work like it used to)

6. Review Sites

7. Answer Sites: Answering people questions on top answering sites

8. Photo Sharing Website:

9. Directory Submissions

10. Link Building (one-way links)

11. Press Release

12. Documents Sharing

13. Article Submissions

14. Social Media Websites

Have your anchor text link with the keywords you want to rank in the search engine. Search engines look for anchor text when ranking sites for certain keywords. Make sure when getting links back to your website to get one-ways links to your domain with your: URL,  Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3 and so on don’t use the same anchor text. I suggest that you use your site URL and different related keywords when getting links to your site because having the same anchor text for all links pointing to your website will make the search engine look twice at your website before ranking it.

The other factor to rank your site is called: On Page SEO.

Building links to your website from related websites and also distributing your contents all over the internet, not all help you get higher search engine rankings, but also other people will learn about your website. In the search engine eyes when they see your contents are all over the web and linking back to your website from top authority sites they will definitely rank your site, this not a guarantee, but that is how search engine ranking works LOL.

You should always keep your website contents updated and fresh so that others can share them. Also, make sure when you distribute your contents to have a link back your website within your contents and use anchor text. Search engines look at your site off-page links and see if they will continue to build and be shared by others. If they see that then, your website will get high ranks. When the search engine sees the links pointing to your website start to disappear then it will drop your site rankings, in the search engine eyes your site is not as popular as it was and your site is not getting the vote from related website that it used to, so it starts to drop your rankings.

Off-Page Ranking is crucial to learn to rank your website on the top search engine. It is what you need to continue to have a success with your search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing consists of two types of ranking factors the one above is called off-page ranking factors which we discuss. The other one is On Page ranking factors. You can learn about On-Page ranking factors in this blog post >  Search Engine Marketing – SEO ON Page Techniques. Hope this blog post help you understand the Off-Page Seo techniques that will help when you start to do Search Engine Optimization for your website.

Also, keyword research is a method which is part of the SEO-search engine optimization ranking; If you don’t know how to do it properly you can read blog post: How to Do Market Research and Learn About Your Target Market.

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