The Simplest way to Start a Blog Step by Step!

So you are looking to start up your blog. As you already know that the internet is full of information on how to start a blog, but the problem with the all the information you find online about starting a blog is that almost all information is not complete.  I will show you the easiest way on how to get a blog up and running in: The Simplest way to Start a Blog Step by Step! blog post you are reading now. The Simplest way to Start a Blog Step by Step!

I don’t know what kind of blog you want to start, but I can give you few tips on what are the best blogs to start.

1. You can start a personal blog and teach others what you know.

2. You can start a blog about a subject that you know a lot about and can share with others what you know.

3. You can start a blog to promote your business, and it’s products and services.

The best blog to start is a blog about what you are passionate about. I like blogs that are niched based.

The blogs that owned by people that are passionate about blogging in their niche are the blogs that succeed and always will have fresh contents.  If you want to start blogging make sure that you write about things you know well. Also, being passionate about your topic you will never get tired of the subject, and it can make you an expert in your field. You will get people visiting your blog often as they want to see what you have written on. 

Starting a blog can be easy if you know what you are going to write about and if you are passionate about it. You will need to keep your contents fresh and write daily or frequently. If you keep updating your blog, you will get people to come back to your blog for your insights so starting a blog can be fun if you are passionate about your subject. If you have a business you can create a blog for it as well and teach people about your products and services also get your target audience to connect with you and your company. 

Blogging takes time, and you have to keep adding fresh contents that are of value to your visitors, else your visitors will go somewhere else to look for the information.So now you know what type of blogs you can start. I will now show the steps to start your own blog with your own name: this is a step-by-step process: 

The First Step is:

1. Get a Domain Names:   You can easily get it by going to NameCheap.  To get a Domain Name from NameCheap Click Here  (Use Coupon: SNOBANQ to save on your domain name purchase)

The Second Step is:

2. Get a Hosting Account:   I recommend HostGator (I use them for this blog, and they are very reliable hosting provider)  To get a Hosting From HostGator Click Here  (Use Coupon: HGSAVINGAZ to save on your domain name purchase) 

The Third Step is:

3. Point Your Domain name to point to HostGator from NameCheap. You should get an email from HostGator with the name servers to point to which look like this: and   Make sure you see the welcome email for the specific name servers because HostGator has 1000’s of servers and your name server could be ns1000 and up. So check your welcome email from HostGator and it should tell you what the name server are. You can also login into your Hostgator account control panel, and you should see it on the bottom side of the control panel (see image below to see where you can find the name servers). 

How to Setup Your Blog Name Servers

As you can see the Name Servers are circled in red and highlighted in yellow with the red arrow pointing to it on the picture to the right side of this text. I covered over the numbers after the ns… because those belong to my site. So you should find this the name servers like I said in your HostGator ‘welcome email’ or your control panel of HostGator. You just need to go NameCheap and change the nameservers to point to NS1 and NS2. And you domain should point to HostGator. It takes from 10 minutes up to 24 hours for you to see your website live on Hostgator.

The Simplest way to Start a Blog Step by Step!

The Fourth Step is:

4. Install WordPress on your new domain name you that you registered on Namecheap (if you have not done so you can do it clicking the link above and use the coupon code to save.) I will walk you step-by-step how to install a WordPress if it’s your first time…

How to install WordPress step-by-step on Hostgator with pictures. See how you can do it simply by following these steps.

Wordpress Setup step 1 to 4

Now you are logged into your Hostgator account:   

(STEP #1) Click on Hosting   

(STEP #2) Select your Domain name (if you only have one domain it should be default.)  

(STEP #3) Click on Hosting Dashboard 

(STEP #4) Click on the “W”Get Started with WordPress Today

Wordpress Setup step 5

(STEP #5) Click on gray button – “Install WordPress.”  

Wordpress Setup step 6 to 12

(STEP #6) Select the domain you want to use 

(STEP #7) This field you can leave it blank or you can put if you want “Blog” if you leave it “blank” the blog will be setup domain ex:

(STEP #8-12)….

(#8) “Admin Email” enter your email –
make sure you enter valid email here

(#9) Blog Title you want to use for your blog

(#10)Admin User (make sure you don’t use Admin as a user it’s not secure you any other name you wish,

(#11 & #12) Your First Name and Last Name

Then Click “Install WordPress.”

Wordpress Setup step 12

(STEP #12) Your Installation is Complete  Click where I circle in red to get login info

Wordpress Setup step 13 to 14

(STEP #13) You will see your Admin Login Area for the WordPress installation

(STEP #14) Your Login Username and Password (you can change password inside the WordPress)   Click on the Link under the Admin Area to Login into WordPress. (see picture above STEP #13)

Wordpress Setup step 15 to 17

(STEP #15 & STEP #16) Enter your Username and Password to Login into WordPress (see picture above STEP#14 for the username and password)

(STEP #17) Click on the Blue “Log in” button to log in

Wordpress Setup step 18 to 19

(STEP #18) Click on the Posts” to start blogging; it’s that simple.

(STEP #19) Click on the Pluginsand add the plugins I have listed below. You can also search for more free plugins; this is easy just search and install plugins. 

5. So now you set up your WordPress blog you now need to install some plugins to help make your WordPress blog secure and also make it easy to use. ( I recommend that you install these plugins:

1. Akismet (spam plugin – helps you avoid spam comments)

2. Pretty Link Lite (It’s good it makes your links shorter and look simple)

3. Publish to Schedule (This great you can have it schedule when you post goes live) 

4. There are a lot  more (search for plugins inside WordPress there are a lot of good once, and almost all are free.)

The Simplest way to Start a Blog Step by Step! I hope you like this blog post. So as you can see it’s not hard to start a blog of your own. Remember blogging is fun and if you do it daily and give value to your visitors the search engine will notice it and it will send you people to visit your site; People search online and if they find your blog when they are searching they will visit it. The search engine sends crawlers to your blog, and it crawls your contents so it can appear on the search engine. Keep blogging about what you like and passionate about and you will see that your blog will be shared with others too. Now you know how easy it’s to set up your blog no need to pay someone to do it. You can do it yourself, It is simple to do, anyone can do it. You can follow what I did above and start your blog today happy blogging. 

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