The Top 12 Best Places To Advertise Your Online Business

Advertising online can be simple if you know where to find great places to advertise. There are many places where you will find advertisers, but the prThe Top 12 Best Places To Advertise Your Online Businessoblem is that a lot of them don’t deliver the traffic that converts into leads or sales, because of the type it traffic they get. So I have gathered the top best top advertising companies that deliver traffic that will lead to sales and conversions it depends on how you want to target your prospects. So below are 12 advertisers that I suggest you check out to advertise your business with they have been in the advertising business for a long, long time and they deliver real visitors and people that are looking for the products or services you are offering.

Here is the list of the…

The Top 12 Best Places To Advertise Your Online Business

1. Google Adwords – it’s Google advertising service for businesses that wants to show their ads on Google and thru it’s network of sites. Google is Number #1 according to Alexa in popularity it is the most visited site in the world. The advertiser can target the audience they want and start advertising by setting a budget; the advertiser pays Google only if someone clicks on their ads.

When using Google Adwords you can have your ads displayed on Google search engines or thru it’s network of publishers which is called Adsense for contents program.  The Adsense for contents is part of the Google Ads network where the website publishers can have ads on their site or blog and get paid for it. Google advertising one of the best advertising you can get, but does not come cheap it’s very expensive, but it can get you the right visitors for your products or services.

2. Youtube Videos -According to Alexa it’s number 3 in the world in popularity. Youtube is as you already know owned by Google. Where you can watch videos of anything. It’s another best place to advertise your products or service with a video; it also goes through the Google Adwords program. You can target the right audience using the Google Adwords – Youtube advertising services.

So two of the top best 12 places to advertise your business online are Google and YouTube because we use these services on a daily basis, now let’s continue and learn about the rest of the 12 best advertising companies you can use to help your business grow.

3. Yahoo PPC – Yahoo is a well know search engine it’s one of the first ones that appeared online,  many know what is it. They offer many types of advertising services. Yahoo owns so many companies that you can get your advertisement thru their whole network of sites and also on other contents sites that belong to Yahoo search. They offer you to advertise your business with their PPC. They have a reach of millions upon millions of daily visitors. It is rank number 5 in Global as will as number 5 in the US.

4. FaceBook Ads – It’s a social media website that gathers people to share with each other their daily status and get to know each other and knows more about us than we know about ourselves, LOL. It’s number 2 according to Alexa. FaceBook Advertising services are one of the best advertising you will find because you can target the right audience. As you know, Facebook gathers all kind of data on its members. So when an advertiser wants to advertise his or her services or products they can target their audience down to what it’s target audience likes. Facebook Ads start at only five bucks. Facebook has over 1.6 Billion users it’s becoming one of the best advertising platforms in the world.

5. Bing PPC – is owned by Microsoft if you have a Windows computer you know who is Microsoft they have a service called Bing PPC it’s a Pay Per Click PPC search engine where you advertise your business on their network and reach your target audience. You can set the price per click you want to pay to have a visitor visit your website thru an advertising text link. When using the Bing Ads PPC you can reach over 151 Million potential customers. According to Alexa Bing is number 19 global and 25 in the US.

6. YellowPages – You can advertise your business in yellow pages, your target audience can find you easily by search it for the type of business plus the city or state your business location. It is not as effective as Pay per click – PPC, but it still works, and people still use yellow pages. Alexa ranking 974 Global and 244 in the US.

7. Yelp – Yelp is a review website for all kinds of business. Did you know that Yelp listings appear in Google organic searches? Google uses Yelp in its queries because it provides the user information that is related to their search. If you business is on Yelp and it’s well optimized it will appear on Google Search.  Google use Yelp in their search queries because Yelp services are targeted at local area businesses.  Yelp encourages it’s customers to post reviews of the businesses they have transacted with. Yelp users can give a rating for the business up to 5 stars. When people search they find a Yelp reviews do help and also hurts a business, it depends on what is said about it by the Yelp users. Yelp is great for local business. It’s number 148 global and 33 in the US. 89.9% audience are from the USA.

8. Twitter – It’s a social microblogging networking site that allows it’s members to tweet or post 140 characters to other members of what is going on in their lives or anything you want to tweet about, others can retweet and can befriend each other and so on it’s a simple as that. Twitter has over 320 million monthly people on their platform, and they get thousands of people to signup each day. Makes it’s money by letting companies advertise their businesses to their audience. It’s number 10 in global rank and number 8 in the US according to Alexa, they are a social media company. Alexa ranking for Twitter is number 10 Global and number 8 in the US. Twitter is a great place to advertise your business and reach the right audience for your products or services.

9. ADKnowledge – AdKnowlege is a digital advertising company they have a board of services they offer to their advertisers here is some of the products and services they offer: Adparlor, AdBistro, AdStation, and Giant Media. All services can be explained on their website. Adknowledge it’s a CPC which is a cost per click service they place your ad on publishers websites. It’s used by many top brands to advertise their services or products. Alexa Ranking 109,680 global and in the 70,968 in the US.

10. Linkedin – You can advertise your business using their platform they offer you to advertise and pay per click -PPC or per thousand impressions which is called CPM, you can advertise with them and set an advertising budget. You can use Linkedin to target audience in the B2B business, or professional audiences. Ads are thru Sponsor updates or text ads. Linkedin reaches over 414 Million members. Advertising to the right audience you can find the right business partners, experts and candidates for your business. Rank number 17 Global and number 12 in the US according to Alexa.

11. Outbrain – It’s a content discovery platform they deliver your ads to top blogs. According to them, they are the “the world’s largest and most trusted”. Outbrain use behavioral targeting advertising to advertise on articles, blogs posts, videos. They have a high reach according to Wiki it’s has “more than 35000 websites and it’ servers over 150 billion recommendations and 15 billion page views per month”.
Their advertising appears in blogs and articles throughout the internet according to Alexa they are number 81 global and 52 in the US.

12. Taboola – it’s an also know as the world’s leading discovery platform they get over 750 million visitors. So advertising with them you can reach a board of audience to promote your products and services to. They partnered with top will know publishers such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, CBS, TWC, NBC and so on. They have a reach of millions upon millions of visitors on a daily basis. They also have been used by top brands in the industry.  If you like to advertise your business on Taboola, take a look at their services. Taboola is rank number 189 global and 104 in the US.

The Top 12 Best Places To Advertise Your Online Business are the once that I suggest that you look into when advertising your business online. Those companies listed above are here to stay, and they have been online for many years. They are used by many top brands to promote their products and services. If you want to learn more about ways to get visitors to your website you should read this blog post > Top 11 Fastest Website Traffic Tips You Can Use Today! If you are looking to get rank in the search engines, then you need to learn about Search Engine Optimization, which is the organic way of getting visitors to visit your website via the search engines … you can read about SEO on this blog post >: Search Engine Marketing – SEO Off Page Techniques.

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