Tips For a Good Website Design and Website Layout Ideas

Creating a website can be easy especially with all the tools and programs available these days. Anyone can create a stTips For a Good Website Design and Website Layout Ideasunning website within an hour or two. The issue we all face is that even with the best-designed website, many businesses still business fail because they lack the ability to have a website that will convert visitors into clients. The reason is that a lot of companies fail because their sites are not relevant to the end user, and also the design and layout of the site are not what the visitor expects to see when visiting.

I will discuss the best tips for a good website design and website layout ideas you can implement to your site:

So if you are looking to have a website that will help make your visitors become your clients, then you must do the following to improve the design of your site.

Before you start creating your website, makes sure that you draw the layout of your website on a piece of paper or with a tablet. Nowadays we don’t use papers that much, but we should, by using pencil and paper it is good, because if you make a mistake, you can erase it easily and change it. So drawing a layout of your website you will know how it will look like before starting to designing it using a program.

So here is what you will need to draw for your site layout:

 1. Start with the website layout before you do this checks similar sites you might like online and see if you want a similar design. See how they layout theirs, get an idea of how yours will look like compared to theirs, make sure you create your own design, but get ideas from others.

2. Choosing the theme and colors of the website, if you don’t know how to create nice looking fast loading graphics and images for your site then see someone who can help you with that. You need to keep your design very professional and straightforward make sure not to have a bunch of banners or graphics blinking all over, because that is a turn off for your visitors.

3. Now you need to think what you will add to the navigations and contents: In a particular website there are 3 to 5 navigations areas and one content area in this blog post I will share all the navigation and content areas places for a simple website that is easy to use:

Tips For a Good Website Design and Website Layout Ideas

Here is an example of a layout I did using a drawing software:

Website Layout Design -Website Design Full

Now let’s cut each section of the website design layout that I designed above into pieces to show you how to layout a website, my design is similar to a lot of websites out there. I will explain what each section of the layout does in great detail.

Website Design - Design Layout Header

#1. Header Navigation Layout: Is above the fold it’s where your logo and slogan goes. You can add your site logo and next to it you can add a banner ad size: 468×60 of your products or your partners:

Website Design - Design layout breadcrumb navigation

#2. Sub Heading Navigation Layout: This is under you Header Navigation this can be used to have a breadcrumb menu. Breadcrumb menu is where the visitor is currently at in your website.  See below for an Example of breadcrumb. It looks like this on a website:

Home->Support->Contact Page

Website Design - Design Layout Content Area

#3. Content Area Layout: This not a navigation but this is where all your articles or contents go; it’s the focal point of your site because it’s what your actual site visitors sees and reads here.(You are reading this blog post in the Content Area of my site) Note: Make sure when you write your contents to deliver value to your visitors and your contents should be clear and concise. So keep your contents simple and easy to read and very informative and to the point.

Website Design - Design Layout Side Navigation

#4. Side Navigation Layout: Can be to the right side or left side of your contents. Usually, it will be on the right side of your contents in the navigation. You can add links here for your visitors to navigate your website; you can also add banner ads, and subscribers box so that you visitors can opt-in to your newsletter. The side navigation is where your visitors will go back each time they want to go somewhere on your site; it’s a short cut to your entire website. You can add whatever you need here as long it is a benefit to the visitor and makes your site easy to navigate.

Website Design - Layout Design Sub Footer

#5. Sub Footer Navigation Layout: Here you can add whatever you like, ex: a banner ad or anything that you want to be visible to your site visitors. What you put here will be visible on all pages of your website.

Website Design - Design Layout Design Footer

#6. Footer Navigation Layout: where you put your copyright information, site policies, and terms of use, etc. you can also put a banner ad here or anything you want.

So now you know how to design the layout you will need to choose the colors, fonts, font sizes for your website which is a straight forward process.

Drawing the layout of your site ahead of time will make it easy for you to design it. If you are not a website designer then you can give the plan you drew on the piece of paper to your site designer. He or she will know how you want it to look like; it will save you a lot of headaches with your site designer and your designer will know how to proceed with the design layout of your website. After your designer finishes designing the layout, then you can have a revision of conception. You can easily have him or her tweak it to your liking and once you all done you ready to upload it to your hosting provider to start getting visitors to it.

Remember don’t make your website design over the top, just make it professional that loads quick because a lot of your site visitors will have slow internet connection and if it takes a long time to load then, you lose a potential client.

Now we will discuss the things to have in an excellent website design. So that you can have a happy visitors that will eventually become your customers.

1. Make sure that design your site to be mobile friendly. Also, make sure that your visitors can view your site in all the browsers. You can test your website and see if it’s mobile friendly. Also, you can test all web browsers by going to

2. Make sure that your website design is very professional. If you don’t know how to make professional website designs, then seek someone with that knowledge, because have an ugly looking website will turn off your visitors, and they will just leave.

3. If you are going to use pictures or any images, make sure that you have them load quick maybe resize them or change the resolution a little bit down there are many programs that do that.

4. Make sure that you provide the best contents that your visitors are looking for, if you provide the best materials then you will keep them coming back to your website to see what is new.

5. Make sure that you add related contents to the contents that they are reading, because they will keep reading, especially if you have materials of value and not just contents that are useless.

Now the design of your website is done you need to make sure that you add contents that your target audience is looking for and keep adding materials and sell your products, or promote other people’s products on your website. Make sure that you keep your contents related to your products because it will help you convert visitors into your clients.

Now knowing how to structure your website you now need to drive traffic to your site, and there are many places to do that, but you got to do it correctly else it will not benefit you more then it helps you. So keep your website design simple and easy to navigate thru and make sure to have a way to get your visitors to become your clients, customers, and subscribers. By using the Tips For a Good Website Design and Website Layout Ideas on this blog post, you can create an easy website that can be easy to navigate and interacts with your visitors.

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