Tools You Need for Your Business

Tools I have used and recommend 

Tools You Need For Your Business

Over the years, I have used and bought many tools some I paid for and some are free. I have only listed here the tools that I have used that were good in my option that made in impact and that are productive. I did not list the tools that I don't like because I don't want you to get a headache using them LOL. So let's start with the paid tools that will help make you productive in your online business:

Paid Tools I have used and recommend:

Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes create stunning WordPress themes, landing pages, and contents pages Thrivethemes offer an a lot of plugins for WordPress that will help you build beautiful looking websites, WordPress blogs and etc. They have the best training that I have seen, they teach you how to use their products with video tutorials.


Hostgator is a hosting provider it's a very reliable hosting service, and they offer all assortment of hosting packages. Use Coupon Code: HGSAVINGAZ  to save on your hosting service. 



Aweber is an e-mail automation autoresponder service with the best delivery in the industry used by thousands of companies from all over the world. It's quick and straightforward to use. 




Grammarly is an excellent service, it checks spelling, grammar, and sentences and also it has many features online via the Grammarly app. They also have a browser plugin that you can use and an app for Windows. You can also use it to check emails, and even your WordPress articles, it's a neat program, this is a must have. 



NameCheap is a domain name registrar; it's a great domain registrar. Use coupon code: SNOBANQ to save on your domain purchase.



Getresponse is an autoresponder and email automation service, they are very reliable, and they have the best delivery in the industry, and it's easy and quick service to use. 



Artisteer is a program that helps you make nice themes for your WordPress website. It's an excellent program, and it's not hard to use. It takes time for a person to get used to it, but when you master it, you can create great themes for your Website, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. big


RoboForm is a software that works on your browser, and it remembers all your usernames and passwords for all website that you have a login. RoboForm is an awesome tool; it saves me a lot of time not having to enter username and password for each login portal I log in. Also, you can have it fill your information in any website you setup once time and it will know every time, you just need to remember the master password for it. It's an Awesome program. 


Youzign is an online graphic designing service that you can create stunning graphics, banners, 3d book covers, and much more. It's easy to use, and you can create nice designs. 


LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is a keyword research software that you download to your computer and do research on your target market and get related keywords for you niche.  

PhotoImpact X3

PhotoImpact X3

PhotoImpact X3 is a web graphic designing software it is an excellent piece of designing software; you can create layout designs for your website as well as banners, etc.

TechSmith Camtasia


Camtasia is a video recording software you can record your desktop and show people demo of how to use anything or make a tutorial and screen capture it. It's an excellent and reliable screen capturing software that will help you make video tutorials. 


If you are looking for free tools, I have listed below the tools I have used, and they do the job but not as some of the paid once that I have listed above. The tools and programs below are entirely free to download and use with no restrictions, as far as I know. I have used them and are superb.  You can download and use them, and you don't pay anything for them they are completely free. 



OpenOffice is productive office suite program. It's similar to Windows Words it has five programs in one, impress, math, calc, draw, and writer, you can use it for typing, spreadsheet, and powerpoint. It's good, but not as good a Microsoft Words program.  It has been downloaded 125 million times and you can get it for free.



Gimp it's a graphic program that you download to your computer and create banners with it for your website. It's an alternative to Photoshop, but it's not as good as photoshop, but hey it's free. 



FileZilla is an FTP program you can upload files to your hosting service provider, it's excellent, have had no problem using it and it's free.



Audacity  is an excellent software that lets you record audio and add sound effects to it, and the best part is that it is free.



InstantWP is a program that you download to your computer. This program is a LocalHost for your WordPress you can use it create your WordPress before uploading it to your hosting server, it's a free program.



Camstudio lets you captures videos of your desktop, and you can add your voice by plug in your mic and speak while it records. It's not as good as Camtasia, but it's free.



Inkscape is a vector image program you can draw with it, it's free.



Nvu is a web authoring software that you download to your computer and create websites, it's somewhat similar to Frontpage and Dreamweaver, it does not have all the features that top paid web authoring software have, but it's free.  

The tools I listed above are the tools I have used and still use to this day. These tools are the Tools you need for your business.  The Business tools above makes it easier to run an online business. 

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