Top 11 Fastest Website Traffic Tips You Can Use Today!

So you have got a website? With the all the tools readily available nowadays on the internet, it is simple to create a website or a blog. The main issue for Top 11 Fastest Website Traffic Tips You Can Use Today!internet marketers is how to get quality website visitors to their website. I am going to share with you 11 fastest website traffic tips to start using to drive targeted visitors to your site or blog. When beginning to get traffic to your site, make sure you start setting a goal on what you will do daily. Making a plan or goal for the day, you can easily reach it. It’s better than jumping from one way to another you should stick with one way of getting visitors to your site for the day and then go to another one the next day and so on. Also, make sure you evaluate the effectiveness of your website traffic method. Below are the 11 fastest tips to get traffic to your site.

Top 11 Fastest Website Traffic Tips You Can Use Today!

1. FORUMS: Posting to online forums that relate to your niche and answering others, you can drive traffic to your website by using the signature line. Make sure when doing this that you offer quality solutions not spam the forum because you will be kicked out and you might lose your account. What is great about forums is that you can also meet website owners.
2. LINK BUILDING: Building links to your website is another way to get more traffic to your site. Building links are not hard, but you have to know where you link will appear and make sure your link has the anchor text so that the search engine knows what the link is all about. Also, when building links to your website make sure that you get them from related websites that have good page rank, and your link is on a the website where visitors can click it to visit your site.

3. POSTING: Increasing your blog posts or adding contents to your website it will increase your traffic to your site, doing that will get your site rank on the search engine, as well your visitor will view you as an authority on your topic.

4. SOCIAL BUTTONS: Adding buttons to social bookmarking sites on your site can also get your visitors to share your contents with their friends, which in return you will get visitors back to your blog or website. So adding social buttons in your website is a great method.

5. ADVERTISING BOARDS: You can advertise your business on classified and forums ads sites by posting ads. Make sure that you do it without violating the classifieds and forums website rules. Make sure that you post contents of value.

6. BOOKMARK: Listing your website to bookmarking sites you can get a lot of traffic. Another way is you can add social bookmarking site BUTTONS in your contents to be shared by your visitors. The following are few of the 100’s of bookmarking sites out.
1. Squidoo.co11 Fastest Way Website Traffic m





You can find many Social Bookmarking sites on the internet, just search for ‘bookmark sites’ and you should see a list of them, but above are the best bookmarking websites.

7. EMAIL: Did you know that having a registration page or an autoresponder form on your website, you can get your visitors to come back to your site anytime you want by sending an email to your followers. Make sure when sending an email to your subscribers to include a link to where you want them to go, it’s an excellent way to let them know what you wish to share with them. This method is traffic on demand.

8. UPDATING YOUR WEBSITE: As you might already know, that updating your site on a daily or weekly basis will help your site get noticed by the search engines spiders. So the more you update your website, the more spiders you will get to index your site, so it can be rank in the top search engines.

9. BUSINESS CARDS: Also a lot of business and business owners don’t do this much, but another great way to get traffic is to Print out business cards with your website address on it. What even best to do is make Stickers of your website address and stick it on your car, and give your clients stickers most will be happy to do it, if you provided great service for them. This simple tip can increase your website traffic.

10. LINK EXCHANGE: Exchanging links with other website owners will help you increase your website traffic. You should exchange at least 20-50 links with similar sites, not only will this bring your traffic but will assist you with your search engine rankings, if done correctly, especially with all the search engine algorithms, which they change often.

11. DOMAIN NAME: Make sure that you get an awesome domain name (with keywords in it). You will be stunned on how much domain names cost. You can get a domain from GoDaddy or Namecheap for a great deal.

Remember not all traffic are the same, make sure that you get links from a quality website that point to your site. Don’t forget to use these 11 website traffic methods above, all those traffic tips will help you start getting traffic to your website in no time.  What was discuss in this blog post are the 11 ways to get visitors to come see what you have to offer and learn about your business. If you want to learn the way to drive tons of visitors to your website instantly you should check out this blog post >  The Top 12 Best Places To Advertise Your Online Business will show you the best ways to drive targeted visitors on-demand traffic to your website or blog.

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