Types of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Start

Affiliate Marketing are very popular today than ever before because there are many reasons for that. The best reason is that a lot of people know it’s eaTypes of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Startsier and better now to get into it than before. Today it’s clearer and that it’s easy to implement than it has ever been.Types of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Start

Nowadays, affiliates and merchants now understand that it can be beneficial to both because it will work to benefit both sides. Many retailers now know that affiliate marketing is the key for them to advertise their products and services at a budget that is manageable. As for the Affiliates, meanwhile views that affiliate marketing is an easy way to earning income by doing what they are passionate about thru their websites or blogs.

Affiliate Marketing has become so popular than ever before, even people’s view of it has become acceptable, that’s is why it so popular today than ever. Today’s affiliate marketing is not longer considered a different alternative method for the merchant to promote his products or services, as well as an extra income for the affiliates themselves. For both the affiliate and merchant is considered the primary source of revenue, which benefits both sides in some way or the other.

Types of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Start

Now the question is which kind of affiliate marketing will likely work best for you? Understand that not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal, and the benefits of them are not the same. Some affiliate marketing will work better then other and some will not work as well.
Types of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Start

As you might already know that affiliate marketing comes in many different types and forms. However, the principal of affiliate marketing programs is that they will be in two groups. One is (PPC) which is ‘pay per click’ and the other is (PPP) which is pay ‘per performance’.

I will explain what are the difference between the kinds of terms used in affiliate marketing.

(PPC) – Pay Per Click

PPC is a very popular form of affiliate marketing for a lot of website or blog owners, and it’s the easiest way to earn with if your website gets a lot of traffic. Pay Per Click (PPC) owner get paid when the visitor clicks on a banner ad or text link ad on your site and goes to the merchant website you get paid a set price per click, which is established by the merchant. The best part of PPC of affiliate marketing is the affiliate, or the site owner gets paid just for a person clicking on an ad and goes to the merchant. Remember with PPC the visitor does not have to purchase from the merchant in any ways or form, but the affiliate or site owner get paid when a visitor clicks the merchant ad on your site. The amount the merchant willing to pay depending on the type of product is being offered.

(PPP) – Pay Per Performance

Pay Per Performance (PPC) is a type of affiliate marketing which can be classified into two type one is Pay Per Sale (PPS) and Pay Per Land (PPL). Pay Per Performance is popular to many merchants because they will only pay if they get the result from their affiliates or advertisers. The reason is Pay Per Performance (PPP) only pays the advertiser or affiliate only if the affiliate has referred a lead or buyer to the merchants and bought a products or services or fill a form on the merchant website. (PPP) is favorable for the merchant because they will not spend a lot of money on advertising. They only pay when a visitor does buy or signup for their service. For affiliates, it’s not bad, because if you can teach your visitor about the product or service the merchant is selling then you can get and convert your visitors into customers and make good profits, which ranges from 5%-50% and up, it depTypes of Affiliate Marketing That You Can Startends on the company and the offer. Also, can get from $.10 to $10 and up per lead, it also depends on the company and their offer, and this is per sale or signup.
Pay Per Lead (PPL) Is also in the category of Pay Per Performance (PPP). This type of affiliate marketing used by big companies that want to get leads and follow up with their clients and then sell them on their products or services. Pay Per Lead (PPL) affiliate or advertiser get paid when a visitor fills a form or enter an email address. The merchant then pays the advertiser or affiliate only if their visitor fills out a form or a visitor perform what the merchant has set on their website, maybe create an account and so on. The fee paid to the affiliates is set, and it all depends on the type of products and services. So it can be one flat fee. It depends on the merchant and the product or service that is being offered.(PPL) – Pay Per Lead

(PPS) – Pay Per Sale

The Pay Per Sale is the same category as the Pay Per Performance (PPP). The pay per sale is a type of affiliate marketing that the merchant pays a flat fee to the affiliate or advertiser when their visitors buy something from the merchant’s site. The Affiliate is paid by a commission, as I mentioned some merchant also pay a flat fee. The fee would be more than what is paid to the affiliate that is doing the pay per click (PPC) method as I mentioned above.

In Affiliate Marketing, there are a lot of marketing types that exist, but above are the some of the main once that are currently used by many companies that are advertising their businesses. If we go deeper, they can also be classified in tiers; such as single-tier, two tier and multi-tier and so on. The tiers are based on the level or tier of the affiliate system, how payments are being made. I will explain the types of Tiers below.


The single-tier affiliates are only getting paid on the direct traffic or sales he/she referred to the merchant. The PPS, PPL, PPC and PPL they all are classified as a single-tier.


The Two-Tier Affiliate you are not only paid for the sales or the direct traffic that he/she gets to the merchant’s site, but they get paid on every traffic or sales that is brought by others that joined the affiliate thru his recommendations.


It’s similar to the Two-Tier, but it gets deeper the affiliate gets an additional commission.You already know affiliate marketing is great if you know what you are doing. Becoming an affiliate to promote other’s products or service is not hard to do, and it can earn you extra income. But make sure you understand how you are getting paid and what the merchant is offering. As I said not all merchants products or services are created equal, you must know what you are promoting before doing it, because it will help you make more income, especially in affiliate marketing.

So once you know which will work for you, you can test it and see if it works, if not try another product or service. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote any products or service you want and get paid how you want, whichever: pay per click, pay per sale, or pay per action. Almost every product on the internet has an affiliate program to join, and it’s not hard to join, just fill an application or join an affiliate network to start promoting.


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