What is Good Bounce Rate For Internet Marketing Websites

What is Bounce Rate

The website’s bounce rate indicates the percentage of your visitors that visit your website and then click on the back button to go back to do another search in the search engine or type another website URL other than yours to see in the internet browser they are using. To make it simple to understand it is this: when a visitor visits your website or blog and leaves right away to another website that belongs to someone else.

LetWhat is Good Bounce Rate For Internet Marketing Websites me give you three examples of how the bounce rate work when three visitors visit your website via the search engine.

FIRST: Bounce Rate Example: Say you have a visitor #1. come from organic search in the search engine. Now the visitor visits your website and then leaves out of your website right away the reason he or she left could be because the contents on your website page aren’t what your visitor was looking for, or your website looks unprofessional to the visitor; it could be many factors. So the bounce rate would be 100% bounce rate for this example.

SECOND: Bounce Rate Example:  Say that visitor #2, visits your website and reads your page, and then goes to another page and reads that too: So now the bounce rate would be 50%.

THIRD: Bounce Rate Example:  Say you got a visitor #3 that likes your website contents. Your site visitor read the first page, second page, third page and so on this would set the bounce rate low which is good. If that is your website, then you are doing something right on your pages for your visitor to stay this long, this will make your bounce rate between 10-30%.

As you can see from the three examples above the more pages your website visitor visits and stay to read …the bounce rate decreases which is a what you want on your website and keeping your visitor longer on your pages helps with the bounce rates as well. Having awesome contents of value for your visitor on your website goes a long way. First, it keeps your visitor longer on your pages and second they will keep coming back for more contents as long you can provide similar contents that are of value to them. Examples above are individual bounce rate to show you how it works, in the Google Analytics it will show you bounce rate for all visitors.

What is Good  Bounce Rate For Internet Marketing Websites

You see when your website visitors comes to your website from search engines and stays and read, and goes to other pages on your website it lower your website bounce rates. Also, it helps get your site rank high on search engine. As you may already know that search engine looks at bounce rate when they send visitors to your site via the search query. You can say bounce rate is an On-page and Off-page factors that search engine uses to rank your site. To learn about how search engine On-page and Off-page factors work to see this blog post: SEO On-Page Ranking Factors and SEO Off-Page Ranking Factors that search engine use to rank websites.

The best ways to decrease the bounce rates of your blog or website pages especially if you are in the internet marketing. Here are what to MAKE SURE that you have on your websites pages that will Decrease The Bounce Rate:

  • Make Sure to have relevant contents for your user.
  • Make sure to add internal linking to additional contents that are related.
  • Make sure that you target your visitors by tailoring to what they are looking for.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate.
  • Make sure your website loads quickly.
  • Make sure when you are linking out to other external websites to have the link open in a new browser tab.
  • Make sure to keep your website clean of clutter
  • Make Sure to use images and infographics that relate to the contents
  • Make your site looks professional
  • Make Sure your website is working properly.
  • Make sure all your website pages are functioning and loading.
  • Make sure to keep your contents fresh and update them periodically.
  • Make sure you lead your visitor to what to do on your website.
  • Make sure you customize your 404 pages and lead your visit to visit other pages on your website, this will reduce your bounce rate as well.

If you don’t know what your bounce rate for your website pages then I suggest that you get Google Analytics, it is a free tool. You just need to add the Google Analytics script code to your website, and it should keep track of all your visitors bounce rates, as will give you ideas of where your visitors are coming from, how long they spend on your page, and a lot more. Google Analytics is awesome free tool from Google that millions of websites and blogs owners use to understand their website visitors.

Understanding the bounce rate of your website or blog pages will help you create contents that will make your website stay on your site longer and read more of what you have to offer.

Types of Pages that Bounce Rate effects are the following:

  • Landing Page
  • Lead Generation Pages
  • Shopping
  • Blogs
  • Portals
  • Websites
  • Service Sites

Bounce Rate effects all websites on the internet, it doesn’t matter if you have the greatest website in the world with best contents, you will still have a bounce rate value for your site.

Here is an another note for you to know about your website, is where your visitors leave your website. The Exit Pages are the highest Bounce Rate pages on any website. If you don’t know which once they are? You will found out when you start to use Google Analytics free tool.

When you find out the Exit pages, your visitors leave you can do the following to let them know what to do:

  1. Redirect them to something that will be an interest to them
  2.  Or Just tell your visitor to “have a nice day”, and let them go to an external website such as Google.com.

The smartest way to use Exit pages is to get your visitors to join you via social media, join your newsletter, etc.

If you are getting a bounce rate of 30% and to up 100%, you should check your pages. Make them more interactive, so that your visitor can stay longer on your site and also do internal linking to similar contents on your website this will help reduce your bounce rate, and also, will help your visitor read more of what you have written.

So make sure that you target people looking for your contents, which will reduce the bounce rate of your website or blog pages. Lowering the bounce rate of your website you need to understand your visitors if you can, then you can write contents that will get them to engage in your contents and stay longer on your website.

If you want to learn how to design your website layout that may help reduce your bounce rate see this blog post: Tips For a Good Website Design and Website Layout Ideas. Keeping your bounce rate as long as you can is possible, but you got to understand where your visitors are visiting your website from, and you got to know that if you are targeting the right visitors for your website contents. So using tools such as Google Analytics will help you understand that and also as mentioned above site navigation, layout and many other factors as outlined above if you implement them can help you reduce your website bounce rate.


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