What is SEO Marketing – On Page SEO Techniques

What is SEO Marketing – On Page SEO Techniques, it is a way of marketing your online business through the organic search engine results, which is free, unlike paid advertising where you pay when someone clicks on your ad or pay per CPM which is the cost per thousand views.

What is SEO Marketing – On Page SEO Techniques

If you are looking for a way to get free advertising for your business blog or website.  Knowing how to rank your site on the search engine, it can bring you a lot of visitors to your website for free from the top search engines such asWhat is SEO Marketing - On Page SEO Techniques Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and many others.

If you already know what SEO stands for then GREAT! You may already know a bit about it or a master at it, but if you don’t. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In this blog post,  I will explain what SEO – On-Page factors are and how SEO works and why your business needs to do it. You see if you want your website to rank on top of the search engines you must do certain things on your website to for it to rank.

Search engines look for On Page factors which I will discuss in this blog post. The other factor is Off Page factors. So If you don’t have these two types of SEO factors on your website, you will not be found on the search engines for your keywords.

What search engines look for when they rank websites into their search SERP (SERP is: search engine results page), as you already know that all the top search engines have secret algorithm factors for ranking websites into their search serp, which they change often. If your website ranks high in the search engine today, it can drop very quickly sometimes in days. The reason the ranking drops is because the search engines have secrets algorithms for ranking website. They have secrets algorithms so people don’t spam the search engine with contents that are not relevance to its end users and also make it hard for people rank their websites quickly. As you already know that the top major search engines want to deliver results that please their users and if they do that then they will be trusted, by its users and that’s why Google is number one search engine in the world because it delivers results that are tailor to its users. You won’t use it yourself if you don’t trust it.

Having contents that will benefit your reader is the best way to rank in the search engines because it will help you and your business become the authority on it. Search engines love authority websites that provide excellent contents for its users. So make sure that you have the best contents you possibly can for your readers.

Now, I will explain how to rank on the search engine, remember this information is only available to the public. Search engines have hidden algorithm that they use to rank websites, that they don’t share publicly.

There are two types of ranking factors that top search engines use to rank a website, so let’s dig deeper onto one types of Search Engine Optimization methods that search engines use to rank websites.

The First Factor on Ranking on the Search Engine is:

What is SEO Marketing – On Page SEO Techniques

OnPage SEO is things that you need to do on your website pages to have your website pages optimized for the search engine.

See below the list of the Onpage factors that the Search engines uses to rank your site. On-Page SEO Factors: are some of the on-page optimization techniques that top search engines use to understand what your website is all about.

On Page SEO

consists of the following:

1. Your Website Title (keywords your site is about)
2. The headline -Heading tags of your keywords in tags: H1, H2, H3 and so on.
3. Speed of Your website (make your site loads quick)
4. Social Sharing buttons on your website
5. Related keywords on your page
6. Time Spent on your website (make your interactive, so visitors stay longer)
7. Images with Alt Text (add titles for your pictures)
8. Keywords in your URL
9. Keyword Density (don’t over stuff keywords, keep it 1-3%)
10. Internal Linking (links within your website)

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing takes time to master. Search engine marketing is always changing what works ten years ago will not work right now because the search engines are getting smarter. Search Engine Optimization can drive a ton of visitors to your website if done right. If you want to rank your website make sure that you have contents that are user-friendly as well as SEO optimized. It takes a lot of practice to get good ranks. If your contents are of value to your visitors, then it will be shared by your readers, site visitors. Having your visitors share your materials is half way to getting a good ranking, because search engines love when they see your contents shared on social media, on top websites, and on the news and so on. Search engines love fresh contents that are original. So when you blog makes sure that you write articles of your own and not get articles from other sites that are the same. Search engines don’t rank website pages that have duplicate contents on them. They list the original publisher, or the page the has the most pointed links from other websites to that article. So having fresh contents with keywords and links from various of places to your article is how to rank.

So if you master SEO Marketing – On Page SEO Techniques it is one part of ranking factors that search engine use to rank your site, the other one is called Off Page SEO to learn more about it see this post: Search Engine Marketing Off Page SEO techniques

If you do the SEO – On-Page and Off-page methods correctly, you can you rank your website. For your sites to stay ranked you must keep your contents fresh and updates and write for your website visitors and not for the search engine. Also, you need to understand how to keyword research this is also part of the SEO-search engine optimization ranking methods; if you want to learn how to do that you can see this blog post: How to Do Market Research and Learn About Your Target Market.


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